Stefano Piccini

Bespoke nature

“As a little kid I was always fascinated by everything related to science and nature, but in particular to the world of crystals, fossils, meteorites, gems and of course dinosaurs!”

- Stefano Piccini

Stefano Piccini’s passion for geology and paleontology began as a child in Northern Italy. He was raised by a single mother and his early days were spent searching for fossils in a nearby quarry. He used to clean them in his parent’s garage and sell them to his classmates and local shops.

After earning his Ph.D in paleontology he built the largest geo-paleontological laboratory in the world, where, together with his team of internationally recognized experts and artists, he pursues the demanding task of making nature’s art accessible to the public.

Today Stefano Piccini is a world-renowned paleontologist, geologist, and gemologist. As a long-time scientist and collector, he appreciates both the emotional and financial investment each purchase involves.

He leaves no stone unturned in his quest to find the rarest, most valuable specimens all over the world. His searches take him to the most remote and beautiful locations making him the most sought after commercial geo-paleontologist in his field.

He’s developed a worldwide network of contacts and reputable suppliers that continually inform him of the availability of new and interesting museum-quality specimens. Each selection is based on a rigorous and scientifically informed process with absolute respect for the environment, as well as for the laws and regulations of the various localities.

His passion and integrity are a guarantee in the “mine to market” vertical process that characterize every artwork with his brand name.

He is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of global experience, specialized in investment caliber specimens for collectors, world renowned scientific institutions, designers and art galleries.

He is the president and CEO of the Geoworld Group and also an explorer, science educator, designer, writer, publisher, appraiser, brand ambassador and actor.

His dream is to build a museum and exploration center set in the Italian quarry where Piccini found his passion for geo-paleontology as a child.

“My dream is to build a worldwide community of people – children and adults – with the same passion for science and love of nature.”

- Stefano Piccini
Madagascar 1998


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